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We Asked 20 Women: What counts as cheating?

Candid confessions on what crosses the line of fidelity-and what can be discounted.

It’s true: Men and women see infidelity differently. Scientists literally studied the phenomenon-grey areas and all. She might agree that either one of you having sex with someone else constitutes cheating. That’s a hard and fast no-no in a monogomous relationship. But how about the things you don’t consider cheating?

Does she agree flirting with the hot girl in your yoga class is no big deal? How about if you talk to another woman, daily, about your struggles at work and in your family life? Or, sending pics and direct-messaging on Snapchat? Not so simple, huh?

We asked 20 women to dilvulge, with absolute honesty-no inhibitions-what counts as cheating? Their answers (on what does and doesn’t count) should clear things up for you. And if you’re still unsure, talk to your girlfriend. There are some must-have conversations that, while uncomfortable, need to happen to strengthen your relationship. Read more…