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Now fast forward another couple of years, and we’ve matched on tinder AGAIN

Anyhow, I was not emotionally prepared to swipe right to a former crush, so I kept closing the app until, again, I realized we were destined to match according to the blurred photo. Should I do it?

If she were interested in dating you, there have been so many opportunities for her to follow through on pursuing that

Ultimately, I swiped left. This took three days’ pondering and finally frustration that I could see no one else’s profile but hers when I reopened the app. After all, I was there for browsing, not matchmaking! I figured I could always slide into her Facebook messenger if my mood brightened.

Then yesterday, I posted some random status on Facebook, and Cole commented. What was this nonsense? Was this her equivalent of sliding into the DMs? I don’t think Cole had ever commented on anything of mine in our nine years of digital friendship. Aggressive!

All in all, swiping left (or right) means swiping right to other problems. Can’t we go back to book club hookups where the most awkward challenge I kidding, you probably still got paper cuts in that setting too.

Now that we’ve matched on Tinder a third time, I want to reach out to her somehow but in a way that might woo her a bit more than our regular Tinder chat that hasn’t seemed to keep her interest in the past

Basically the backstory is I matched with this girl on tinder roughly 4 years ago, we started chatting, and it was going well until she abruptly stopped replying. Read more…