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Timing It: How Often Should You See Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend?

You don’t want to appear too keen but you want to be with them all the time! How often should you see your boyfriend or girlfriend to get it right?

You’re young, you’re in love, you can’t bear to be away from your new boyfriend or girlfriend for more than a second. Does this sound familiar? It’s a wonderful feeling, but it’s also a confusing time too. You don’t want to appear too keen, but you want to spend as much time with them as possible. So, how often should you see your boyfriend or girlfriend to hit the balance between having your own independence versus being a little too clingy?

We often think that we need to adhere to an invisible set of guidelines or rules when it comes to knowing how often should to see boyfriends and girlfriends. We think we should do certain things by certain times, and say specific words by certain times. Basically tick relationship milestones off, almost as if we’re ticking tasks off our daily to-do list.

The truth is real relationships don’t work like that. Throw out the so-called rule book. Instead, focus on what feels right to you!

Why relationship milestones don’t really exist

For starters, every single person on this planet is different, and that means when two people join forces, their situation is never going to be the same as anyone else’s. In that case, how can you tell a couple that they should be hitting this milestone by that time, or this milestone by another time? [Read: Relationship milestones – 15 dating highlights you should be proud of]

In addition, relationships are not a series of boxes to be ticked off a list. There is a lot to be said for simply going with the flow. [Read: 15 rules to be a good partner in the relationship]

The so-called milestones include: exclusive by a certain time, going Insta-official, meeting friends, meeting family, moving in together, getting engaged, getting married, having children. Read more…