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What got you interested in personality types in the first place well?

US Julie. Thank you for having me on the podcast first of all. What got me into it? It was very accidental. I was just told about it by my brother. He was hanging out with some friends and he said Oh we were talking about. Personality Types Myers Briggs. We think you might be this type. So that was like in the back of my head for a while simmering marinating, and after a while, it was like maybe I should take this test. See what it’s all about. I found one online took it and I got I N F J as my type.

A bit of a rough time, not knowing what I was doing with my lie, so it just eventually evolved into making youtube videos about it, and then people watched it, so I kept making more and here I am today before we go into dating with personality types

And then I went back to my brother, and said what type did you say you thought I was and he was like I j, so that was like a moment. That was a moment resume. Ha! Maybe there’s something to this and I just started to research it. I was going through a period in my life where I was like I didn’t have much else. Going on a so I was like. Foreign teed. Exactly so I was just trying to figure. Figure myself out I was going to kind of like.

Obviously why we’re here today, but I feel like a lot of people myself included might not even know the. The difference between the Myers Briggs in the enemy. Graham the any Graham. So can you break that down for us? Yeah, the so there’s a few different personality systems that people are probably hearing about Myers Briggs, I think maybe the most popular, and that has sixteen types, and it actually goes back to the work of Carl Young back in the early nineteen hundreds dividing people based. Based on the preferences of how they view the world at like how they view reality, and then how they make is a whole different thing that has nine different types, and selaa täällГ¤ that’s based more on like your innate fear in life.

Your personality types, but then now I think it’s so much more prevalent because employers are using it for part of their recruiting, people use it for compatibility

The thing that’s driving you the thing. Read more…