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Not enough to seriously affect dating potential, anyways

Western men, if sufficiently drunk, may want her for sex but the only men who have shown interesting in ‘dating’ have been of South Asian/African origin.

Just because Shanghai would be the best of your options, doesnt make it a good or easy option. Being an IT is just very depressing and unfavorable to woman.

Sorry we cant be that enlightening, were guys after all. Im sure you look like a model, but where in SCA are you going? There are a lot of drop dead beautiful model type woman in Brazil and Columbia. Im sure he loves you for many things other then your beauty, traits that you and only you possess and can offer him (at least every woman says/thinks before leaving).

As a western male, I donA?t really even have to consider this in where I might live, other than perhaps conservative muslim countries (e.g. Saudi, opposed to perhaps somewhere like Dubai). So, they are a no-no, for that and other reasons. Single females, however, tend to have it much tougher generally on the international teaching/general expat scene.

East Asia seems to be a poor option for Western women. From my experience, many seemed to find the dating options to be few there, as that is presuming they find Chinese/Asian men attractive which quite a lot, a majority I mean, did not seem to. This was in stark contrast to the expat men, of course, who almost all were smitten by local feminine charms.

Latin America seems to be the place to go. There are a lot of latinos who specifically like, and target, gringas and the culture is not as different to the likes of the US/UK as, say, your China or ME. Learn Spanish/Portugese right away, and chose a large-ish city and you might (not that it is ever easy) find the latino man of your dreams, as HAS happened to some female friends of mine, and that covers different South American countries. Read more…