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I have a long term relationship for 7 years

however on our fourth year I met another girl and we had a relationship but didn’t broke up woth the I juggled 2 girls we lasted 3 years,I kept it in the shadows. I did not introduce her to my parents,last month the second ask for some space and that time I broke up with the first, I admitted to my first that had cheated and I’m choosing the second. I chose the second with no guarantee.My ex contacted her and revealed all, she was very angry with me and even our sex life is also revealed to her.she said that she cannot forgive me for what I did and I don’t know what to do right now. I resorted to suicide 2 weeks ago. bra webbplats

I suggest you seek professional help, if your feelings are overwhelming and you find yourself wanting to do anything reckless. I’m assuming that you want to be with the second girl again? It’s going to be really hard to get her to forgive you, but it’s not impossible. It’ll take a long time and a lot of effort on your part to regain her trust. This isn’t done overnight and if you feel like you don’t have the patience to (make it up to her for an indefinite time), then my suggestion is that you seek help from friends or family in helping you cope with the emotions and focus on recovery first.

On the relationship aspect of things, I think you should give them both space right now and focus on handling your own emotions first

I hate myself already. I love my boyfriend so much but I cheated on him. I dated another guy for one month. He found out about it and became so hurt. When asked if he still loves me, he said “Yes. But things would never be the same again.” I just want my man back, the way he used to be. I regret my actions.

Then you’ll have to slowly work on regaining his trust back with your actions and hopefully he’ll come through on his end. Read more…