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Be mindful of what you post on social media after a layoff, experts say

You’ve been invited to a meeting with your boss and a human resources representative. It comes at a time of uncertainty in your workplace.

While some workers might post a note on LinkedIn or stay silent on social media altogether, a trend has been emerging where gen Z and millennial employees are filming the emotional experience and broadcasting it on social media apps such as TikTok for the world to see.

It’s undeniably tough to think clearly when you’re in shock over losing your job. However, experts say it’s best to take a step back and thoroughly consider the message you want to get across before posting about a layoff online because it could potentially affect you legally, financially and professionally for years to come.

“You can post something on social media and it sort of lasts forever,” said Neena Gupta, a partner at Gowling WLG who specializes in employment and human rights law.

“And even when you take down your post, it can have echoes, so think about whether or not that is the impression you want people to remember five years from now.”

Experiencing a layoff is a painful process, and as humans, our judgment is diminished when we’re feeling raw and angry, Gupta said.

In the immediate aftermath of a layoff, you may not necessarily be thinking about confidentiality obligations with your former employer, how you’re coming across to a prospective employer, or anti-defamation provisions. Read more…