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This can be a great way to bond and grow your new relationship

The same goes for hobbies– if you both love to knit, for example, you could have a quiet evening of knitting together

Friendship apps are a great way to find people who want exactly the same thing you want, without the awkwardness that can sometimes happen when you’re trying to make an LGBT friend in the real world. You signed up to get friends, they signed up to get friends–you’re in agreement!

Along with creating a normal profile for yourself, know that there’s nothing wrong with specifying that you’d prefer LGBT people specifically to contact you. As a trans person who really wants trans friends I can relate to, I get afraid sometimes of disincluding people by specifically seeking out trans people to talk to. But there’s nothing wrong with this. As a minority, it’s important to seek out community so that you feel less alone. It’s okay to want to interact with people who are similar to you– in fact, having that sense of feeling understood by someone who has a similar identity to yours can help you feel more emotionally supported as you venture out to meet people who are different from you! Read more…