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How Do I Get There?

From Narita Airport to Hakuba

By Shuttle Bus

If you would like to come to Hakuba straight from Narita Airport, we recommend you take the shuttle bus. If you are arriving at Narita around 7 or 8 PM during the ski season, you can take the Hakubus directly from the airport to our Hostel.

One-Way Fare: 10,200円

By Shared Taxi

If you’d rather not take the shuttle, Chuo Taxi can also bring you from the airport to the hostel. You can reserve a taxi for a single person as well as a group. Remember to book at least five days in advance.

One-Way Fare: 12,000円 per person

By Train

If you’d rather use Japan’s excellent rail system, take the JR Narita Express or Keisei Line trains into Tokyo and catch a Shinkansen, Limited Express Azusa, or bus to the hostel. See below for more details.

From Tokyo Station to Hakuba

By Shinkansen (Bullet Train)

  1. Take the Yamanote Loop from Tokyo Station to Ueno Station (10 minutes)
  2. Transfer to the Nagano Express Train and take it to Nagano Station (1 hour 40 minutes)
  3. Take the bus bound for Hakuba Goryu (1 hour)

One-Way Fare: about 10,000円

By JR Limited Express (Azusa)

  1. Take the Yamanote Loop From Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station (15 minutes)
  2. Transfer to the Limited Express Azusa to Matsumoto Station
  3. Transfer to the local Ooito Line bound for Hakuba Station to Kamishiro Station, one station after Minami Kamishiro

One-Way Fare: about 8,500円

By Bus

  1. Take the Yamanote Loop from Tokyo Station to Shinjuku Station (15 minutes)
  2. Take the Hakuba Azumino bus to Hakuba Goryu (5 hours 30 minutes)

One-Way Fare: between 2,800 ~ 5,000円

From Nagoya to Hakuba

By Train

Take the JR Limited Express Shinano train on the Chuo Line from Nagoya Station to Matsumoto Station. Change trains at Matsumoto for the JR Ooito Line. The nearest station to the lodge is Kamishiro, which is two stops before Hakuba Station. (4 hours)

One-Way Fare: about 8,000円

By Bus

A bus is available from Nagoya Station to Matsumoto Station. From Matsumoto, take the JR Ooito Line to Kamishiro Station.

One-Way Fare: between 3,000 ~ 6,600円

From Osaka to Hakuba

Catch the Shinkansen from Osaka Station to Nagoya, and follow one of the two access plans from there.

One-Way Fare (Osaka ~ Nagoya): 4,600 ~ 8,000円 (Click Here for Details)