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I thought the writer/director did a fine job of showing her struggle with the implausibility of the relationship she found

Not the best movie ever made — but nice to see a film that focuses on friendship, which often gets pushed aside as true love prevails (an implausible plot that movie viewers most want to see — and who find anything other than true love to be implausible!).

I enjoyed the first two thirds of this movie, and hated the last third. Every movie has a message and this one was: Good friends stick together no matter how badly they behave towards others or themselves.

Andie McDowell – in a performance I liked, because she seemed to have dropped her whiny, self satisfied, airs of previous roles – is a headmistress of a private British Public (ergo private) School, who has two close girlfriends who meet and trade “men” stories in order to win chocolate bars as a prize for the best story.

The movie showed how the type of love Kate wanted, may not have been possible in her small community, in the position she held, and with the life she had already created for herself

One is a cop, played pluckily, by Imelda Staunton. Read more…