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Friends who are using online dating joke about this happening all the time, along with wildly outdated photos

If you lied about that to me, and then we went out and at some point you told me or I otherwise found out the truth, I would not go out with you again. I suspect I’d also have questions that would never go away about what else you were lying about, even if I stayed with you, and of course eventually that would kill the relationship.

I’m sorry you’re on a cold streak and struggling to get dates right now, but a situation like this is uncomfortable and worse than no dates at all for all parties. If someone rules you out based on characteristics that you can’t change, you guys are not going to be a good match. posted by J. Wilson at 5:58 AM on

It’s a lie that would make you seem very insecure, which is a turn-off, and it’s also a lie that’s specifically designed to trick people into dating you, which would piss me off (even though I’d otherwise be fine with dating someone your age if I were single)

I kind of think you should just try it for a couple of weeks and see what happens. My guess is not much, unless 34 happens to be just above an arbitrary line a lot of men have set — like how people will price a house at $199,000 because so many people set their price filters at an even number. Read more…