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This ruins a single woman’s chances of ever finding love after 50

This ruins a single woman’s chances of ever finding love after 50

Recently, I looked in the mirror and instead of seeing my inner and outer beauty (we all have it including you!), all I could see were some new lines that seemed to have popped up out of nowhere.

Unfortunately noticing those lines led me to looking at other lines and before I knew it, I was on this downward spiral only seeing the negative aspects of my face.

This included some old acne scars from my youth and a single hair on my chin. (I grabbed my glasses so I could really see it along with a pair of tweezers and plucked that baby with a vengeance…all the while cursing the hormones that had changed my life when I turned 50)

I turned away from the mirror and looked around the bathroom. Instead of appreciating what a really nice bathroom it was, all I could see was a tiny and I mean tiny piece of wallpaper that had come away from the wall.

Next, I strolled through my house seeing tiny flaws everywhere…the windows I should have had cleaned before it got cold, the gorgeous table that was now scratched thanks to my dog trying to get a better view of the world when I wasn’t home, and that one counter in my kitchen I can never seem to keep tidy.

And an hour later when I went to lunch with a friend, I was critical of the service that was slow and the food that wasn’t tapaa ItГ¤valta naiset Yhdysvalloissa as good as it usually was.

By now, I was beginning to feel like I was in a Dr. Seuss book called Wacky Wednesday where the day got worse by the minute.

This type of downward spiral (and we all have them from time to time) can keep you single and alone.

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