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How do you talk to the Democrat you just met?

DALLAS , /PRNewswire/ — Match, the world’s largest relationship company, today released findings from its sixth annual Singles in America study – the most comprehensive national study of American singles, based on the U.S. Census. ” What does a Republican expect on a first date?

“With this cogent 2015 survey of single Americans, we are uncovering more and more of the shrouded attitudes and behaviors of this massive population,” says Dr. Helen Fisher , biological anthropologist and Chief Scientific Advisor to Match. “And the coming year is special: it’s political, and today’s singles have vivid opinions about what they will not tolerate in a leader. Moreover, this year we focused on the crucial ‘second date,’ a vital courtship step that has been seriously understudied until now. This meticulous annual scientific study continues to reveal the pulse of the single’s psyche. and our basic human nature.”

Passion and Politics: Individuals who are passionate about political issues (regardless of their affiliation) have better sex, with 13% more orgasms; they are also 32% more likely to experience multiple orgasms. So, if he or she is passionate about the candidates at dinner, you can anticipate more passion in the bedroom, too!

  • Hillary supporters are more likely to: lie about the number of past sex partners (102%); “wait for the right person” (38%); actively look for commitment (43%) and want children (65%). Read more…