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fi+miten-saada-saada-postimyynti-morsian parhaat oikeat postimyynti morsiamen sivustot

So you’re dating a non-binary person. Now what?

These days it’s easy to select the non-binary (or any gender diverse) option on a dating app without really thinking about what it’s like to date someone who isn’t cisgender. Sure, you’re a person hanging out with another person – how different could it be?

Well, you would be surprised by some of the distinctions. If you’re straight and cis (let alone white and non-disabled), you may never have thought much about how you and your partners move through the world. How you perceive yourself and each other, plus how everyone else views you together.

Suddenly jumping into the world of non-binary dating will probably mean more self-awareness, communication, and challenges than you’re used to in your relationships. Read more…