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Relationship counselling may help you resolve a current problem or prevent an issue from getting worse

How well you understand and can communicate with your partner, as well as your ability to negotiate difficult times can determine whether you maintain a happy relationship, struggle, or separate.

Relationship counselling with a professional therapist or psychologist can help improve the way you relate to your partner, assist in changing patterns of behaviour and help negotiate difficult periods.

It may also help by simply providing a check-up for an otherwise happy couple facing a period of extreme stress or emotion.

However, you don’t need to be in crisis to seek relationship counselling. Many couples opt for counselling to better understand each other, improve communication skills and to make informed decisions.

  • Become more aware of dysfunctional relationship patterns
  • Identify and change any behaviours that harm the relationship
  • Examine communication patterns and improve communication skills
  • Learn how to be more vulnerable and speak more openly about emotions
  • Reduce blame language and increase empathy and mutual understanding

Reasons Relationships Fail

According to research, among the most common reasons relationships fail are financial stress, communication difficulties, different expectations and values, and a lack of trust.

As a result, relationship problems can contribute to emotional disorders such as anxiety, depression, unresolved grief, substance abuse, anger management and weight control. This is not surprising given that our sense of self and how we behave is influenced by the way others treat us and how we feel about it.

  • Respect for each other and a mutual sense of appreciation
  • Trust and faithfulness
  • Physical closeness/sexual relations
  • Strong communication skills and the ability to discuss problems openly

The above elements can be learned and applied, or improved, in your relationships to foster stronger long-term connections. Read more…