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Thomas students: Join every club that interests you; make more and more friends

Advice for future St. You can always step back in the future, but you’ll never know what you’ll miss if you never take that step forward.

Most memorable St. Thomas moment: There are so many great moments from St. Thomas, so I will share two. The first was on campus, attending a guest lecture. Many students and faculty from my department came. Before the talk, we socialized and got to know one another on a more personal level. After the talk, we had interesting conversations and debates about the lecture. That is the first moment I took ownership of my department and felt fully at ease in a community of friends and learners.

Through these groups I built personal relationships with so many and tried to make every encounter uplifting for those around me

Second is studying abroad in a J -Term class. Every day had a memorable moment, and it was an incredible blessing to live, learn and explore the world with fellow Tommies .

What have you learned about yourself while at St. Thomas ? I built my community through engaging rigorously with faculty and students in my department, attending academic conferences with students across the country, and involving myself with St. Read more…