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1. Yoga improves strength, balance and flexibility

A few years ago, a series of relationship studies by Drs. Kevin Kniffin and seksikkäimmät tsekki-morsiamet David Sloan Wilson, explored how and why certain personality traits affect our perceptions of physical attractiveness.

They discovered that among people who knew each other well, attraction is greatly influenced by kindness, effort, and likability, as opposed to physical attributes.

In fact, unkind people were considered distinctly unattractive and undesirable. Not the way you want your spouse to view you!

Kindness Amplifies Connection.

Kindness conveys caring. It isn’t passive or lazy. Taking the time to show you care means allowing your conversation and behavior to cultivate a tender, thoughtful, empathetic environment.

Your willingness to put your partner’s needs first communicates the kind of support most of us long for in a relationship and solidifies your bond.

Kindness Reduces Neediness And Resentment

The voluntary nature of kindness in a marriage or long term love relationship helps reduce insecurity and the neediness that comes with trying to seek reassurance.

Well-known relationship expert, Dr. John Gottman is said to predict with nearly 94 percent certainty which couples in his studies will survive and thrive. He maintains that it is all about the spirit partners bring to the table.

He suggests that secure, vibrant relationships are created when each partner is secure that the other is seeking out ways to be kind, respectful, and appreciative. Kindness is then purposeful and reliable. Read more…